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How to order an instrument?


I have some instruments in my workshop that can be tried on site. An ideal opportunity to get to know each other, to exchange insights and expectations. You cannot take an instrument home for tryout.


Price request

Prices are available on request via the contact form. Desired extras (inlays or carvings, exceptional types of wood, gut strings…) can influence the price. All prices are discussed in advance.


How to order

Instruments are made to order. You can contact me using the above form. I will then try to reach you as soon as possible by e-mail to discuss the specifications of the desired instrument and to come to a price agreement. Once you have decided to proceed with the order, I ask for an advance of 25% of the agreed price, by bank transfer to my account.

On demand, I will keep you informed of the construction progress.

When the instrument is ready, you will be asked to settle the rest of the total amount. The instrument can only be handed over after receipt of the full amount. Unless you pick up the instrument in my workshop, it will be shipped. All shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer.


Protective case

A protective custom case or cover is not included in the price. I can have these manufactured for you at specialized companies. Please note that production will take a few extra weeks. The price will be communicated to you in advance and included in the total amount of the instrument.

If the instrument has to be shipped, a protective case is necessary.


Waiting time

Making a musical instrument by hand takes time. When you order or request a price, I will give you an estimate of the production time.


Occasionaly I have an instrument for rent. If you wish to rent an instrument, you pay a deposit plus a monthly rental amount, starting from the first month. The amounts depend on the type of instrument.

When returning the instrument, the condition of the instrument will be assessed and the deposit will be refunded in whole or in part. A rented instrument can be purchased after the rental period subject to payment of a residual amount.

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